Fiona Gordon, Principal Consultant at Gordon Consulting, is a LEADR Accredited Mediator.

Mediation – Facilitation – Negotiation

“Mediation and facilitation is a flexible process that can be adapted to suit the parties and the circumstances.”

Mediation Model

Finding an agreed way forward through frank and open discussion can be crucial when:

  • Developing plans and policies;
  • Conducting pre-hearing meetings, planner or technical conferencing;
  • Working through the resource consent process;
  • Developing strategies or projects across multiple parties;
  • Holding Executive, Business, Stakeholder or Council Meetings.

If you haven’t managed to find a way forward through carefully listening and sharing perspectives, Gordon Consulting can act as an independent mediator, independent facilitator, or as your negotiator, to assist in clarifying the issues and making decisions about the outcome and/or next steps.

The model (above right) gives you an idea of the full Mediation process.

Independent Mediation and Facilitation

As an independent mediator or facilitator, Gordon Consulting actively encourages those in the dispute to talk to each other, examine the real problems – large or small – and create and agree upon an outcome that meets their needs and addresses their concerns. Importantly, the outcomes are generated by the parties in dispute, as the independent mediator or facilitator is not an advice-giver or decision-maker.

“Difficult discussions, disputes and conflicts can arise when parties have different priorities, beliefs, standards or values, different ways of seeing things, or different ways of communicating.”

Assisted Negotiation

As your negotiator Gordon Consulting assists you in negotiations by coaching or representing you without a formalised structure.

Negotiation involves “conferring with another with a view to agreement” and relies on far more than trying to persuade a person or party to see it your way. You will merely be discussing or arguing your way through a problem unless you can vary the terms and commit resources.

Assurance of Quality 

Fiona Gordon, Principal Consultant at Gordon Consulting, is a LEADR Accredited Mediator. The Resolution Institute (combining LEADR & IAMA) accredits mediators to the National Mediator Accreditation System and also to its own standard including to an advanced level. Accredited and/or graded practitioners have met good character, training, experience and/or competency standards of one or more accreditation or grading schemes.

Resolution Institute members commit to a Code of Ethics dictating the conduct and ethical responsibilities of members.

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