Gordon Consulting specializes in resource management and projects with an environmental focus. 

“We offer a unique combination of experience in resource management and LEADR accredited skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation that can enable you to move your project forward.”

Gordon Consulting services include:

  • Resource Management Advice
  • Resource Consent applications
  • Research and Reports
  • Project Development & Management
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Meeting Facilitation & Mediation
  • Assisted Negotiation
  • Pre-Hearing Meetings, Expert Technical & Planner Conferencing

Gordon Consulting provides resource management advice and assistance with resource consent applications.

We review and develop policies and plansfacilitate meetings and negotiate outcomes.

Gordon Consulting assists people in shaping up their ideas into formal proposals and projects.

We regularly research and report on environmental issues in New Zealand and overseas.

CONTACT: Director & Principal Consultant, Fiona Gordon

Acc.M.LEADR   Assoc. NZPI    Bachelor of Arts   Science Certificate.

Email fandjgordon@inspire.net.nz

Phone +64 27 3738 277  Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND

Gordon Consulting



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