“We offer a unique combination of experience in resource management and LEADR accredited skills in facilitation, mediation and negotiation that can enable you to move your project forward.”

Gordon Consulting specializes in resource management policy and processes and in projects with an environmental focus. 

Whether it’s a resource consent you need, the review or development of policies and plans, a facilitator for a discussion, or an environmental issue that needs researching and reporting on, you can count us in.

Gordon Consulting can work with you to shape up an idea into a more formal strategy, proposal or project and ensure effective communication across multiple parties to identify the next steps. We can even manage your new project for you too, if you like.

Gordon Consulting services include:

  • Research and Reporting
  • Project & Strategy Devleopment
  • Project Management
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Independent Meeting Facilitation
  • Pre-Hearing Meetings, Expert Technical & Planner Conferencing
  • Independent Mediation
  • Assisted Negotiation
  • Resource Consent Applications


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